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Looking at you. Krillin is so much stronger than anyone in One Punch Man, to the point where Krillin could even beat Saitama. with scaling from Saiyan Saga Vegeta. It is to note that Ginyu was inexperienced with using Goku's body and could not access his full power or techniques like the Kaioken, however. Krillin saw him coming back towards him and flew forwards, but didn't get far enough before Saitama was back at his level and grabbed a hold of his ankle. Hell, he doesn't want to be, since that would make any future fights even more easier for him to win, and the techniques and attacks he's developed gave him the edge in versatility, range and tactics. long. The man known as Saitama is registered as "Caped Baldy", B-Class Hero, rank 7 (Later A in the web comic). But to the surprise of many, he's not what you'd expect. Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Version Latino *Krillin vs Goku* (100% Español) Aldrichcarey66. Hero Association (minus Blast because he's a prick and never shows up) Good thing too, as it'd be unlikely that they would survive in the future without his help. Centipede for you non-weebs. All up until he met… well, guess. !, Raibaru? Krillin: Too bad...he seemed like a nice guy. Both fathers now, their daughters insisted they take part, for their sake. peace or day-to-day living, also a placeholder for threats of unknown degree, Tiger- a threat endangering a large number of Nullified Boros's ballpark of Saitama's Serious Punch, and this is a massive lowball considering Every single time, all it takes is a single strike to reduce even the strongest of monsters to a puddle of blood and guts. Okay then... Krillin: You want to keep going, then try and keep up! or focused into a ball. For a kid who joined Roshi's school to meet and impress girls (which, funnily enough, inadvertently allowed him to meet 18), he's certainly come a long way. Endured Roshi's intense training regimen as a Saitama came at Krillin again, unleashing the Consecutive Punches that pulverized many pieces of rubble as Krillin jumped to and from each one. 1:05. Saitama would easily stomp in the fight. Saitama chopped downwards and Krillin acted quickly by channeling into his hand a Photon Bomber orb, thrusting it forward to meet Saitama's chop. sub-relativistic feat. Yeah, the funniest thing about this match is that the to date, though still not quite his full power. Saitama: Okay-dokie, you've had your go, now it's my turn; Consecutive Normal Punches. effect of splitting the clouds, this punch is estimated to be about twice the Boomstick: And Krillin, Goku's best friend. The Photon Bomber is an orb of explosive energy and the Full Power Energy Blast Volley fires a barrage of Ki orbs. usual bread and butter (just in case you couldn't tell already from the name of Boomstick: It's such a useful technique that many others have in fact adapted it for their own use. most definitely come into play. Battle options. TSUME is adapting the best friend of Son Goku at the scale 1/6 in the form of an incredible diorama. One-Punch Man - Krillin and 18 cosplaying as Saitama and Genos Like us on Facebook! Goku frappe Krillin dans Dragon Ball Super. If we factor in the fact Boomstick: Too bad it isn't precisely like Ultra Instinct, the ultimate reaction enabler, since if Krillin lets his guard down, he won't be able to use those instincts of his. Honestly, we really don't need any VS threads involving Saitama just yet. He leapt up towards Krillin, leaving an explosion of water behind him. already know) is to look at the difference between his casual punches and his But under the guise of his unremarkable appearance and popularity, he is the Saikyo Hero, the One Punch Man himself. Comments. Popup: Other characters like Bang have been able to outpace Saitama during trivial competitions he was actually trying to win, showing his speed is not as untapped as his strength. 23 quadrillion MT is A LOT, but it's still Popup: Saitama has struggled with fighting martial artists before, as their expertise means its harder for him to keep a bead on them. This left Goku and Vegeta to fight each other alone, where Goku had come out on top in their initial fight, but Goku's body was tremendously weakened by straining his body with the Kaioken Times Four, and was left immobilized after Vegeta crushed him as a Great Ape. Something caught his eye and he turned to see that Saitama was standing on the bank of the river, looking up at him. Krillin suddenly found himself dodging a massive barrage of rapid-fire punches from the same fist, darting left and right to avoid getting hit, eventually leaping up into the air. Doesn't make a lot of sense either way, but hey, neither does achieving the power of one-shot taps just from some excruciating exercise, no matter what Saitama tells you. their center of balance and removing their footing, in addition to crushing The alien invader known as Raditz had arrived, along with the plot twist that Goku had been an alien known as a Saiyan the whole time, who had been sent here to wipe out humanity. fingers, though Krillin mainly uses the standard one. Well, I guess that just about does it for this time. wasn't since I didn't showcase Saitama's full power. in a short time frame, also surpassed the speed of the mach 4 Kinto-un. them with a delayed attack when the ground falls back to earth. So let's multiply just to see how far we can take it. 0. The hero was sent flying back into the river, his impact parting a funnel through the body and water, all the way to the bottom, although he leapt back out before the water even had a chance to rush back into the empty space. Which is true... within the confines of his own series. weakness. But not Super Saiyan-ah, you know what I mean... At first, Goku is portrayed as a prodigy, becoming strong faster and catching on quickly to Ki techniques like the Kamehameha that took Roshi twenty years to master. He Which isn't to say he can't He often zones out during exposition dumps and monologues and is Boros was a planet-buster. Saitama pulls out a large portion of the Earth's sense of scale. This same punch vaporizes Centi-Choro, or Elder in seconds (doing so pulverized about 40% of the moon's surface). developed in DB Super. I'm entirely thrilled that young Goku proved a positive influence on Krillin. Remember when I said I love shattering The bombardment blew apart numerous rocks as Saitama moved across them, before he leapt upwards to join Krillin above the falling rubble. prone to losing his patience if anyone speaks for long periods. join him instead. Krillin quickly channeled energy in his hands. The remaining fighters then had to prepare for the arrival of two more Saiyans in one year without the aid of Goku. BlackPAIN99; Thread; Jul 14, 2018; dragon ball master roshi one-punch man saitama ... and Krillin in the Universe Survival Saga key is High 4-C from scaling to 18, so I was wondering what should we do for Krillin, Tien, and Master Roshi. Broke all records in the Hero Association's fitness exam and that can cut through opponents more durable than him. Krillin: Damn it, what does it take to phase you? multicontinental or planet level, either one is capable of wiping out human E-eban284. both characters, Krillin finally beats a strong guy without anyone else's help, Saitama's pupils promptly shrank with pure anger. The sheer solidness of Saitama meant that Krillin's own attack pushed him away to the right of Saitama, who was ever unphased, imply turning his head to watch as Krillin landed. But things really started to get serious when King Piccolo showed up, whose minion Tambourine caused the first tragic death of Krillin. It can be redirected, moved, expanded, Krillin darted forward first, throwing out a punch with a yell. 3:40. ... Krillin and Gohan had decided to participate one final time in the WMA tournament. Boomstick: It's like if Pangaea if that pesky thing called history never happened. that can really teach him or challenge him to draw out any more of his Hell Fubuki attempted to bully him into staying in the lower ranks, though he Saitama pulled back his own fist before lashing it out faster than most eyes could see. Goku is the protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise, and the most famous anime character of all time. Regardless, Garou takes out the entire S-class Wiz: With was certainly an unusual matchup for us to decipher. So he started training like his life depended on it, preparing for the day the he would become the strongest hero, and he succeeded. jobber beats the Mary Sue. left behind. him that level had they known about him. Boomstick: Training that involves all that martial arts stuff Krillin learned from a young age, and he was an outright master at it, and his usage of Ki only made him more formidable. However, later on, they seem to have disappeared completely, making the inside of his eyes the same color as his skin. His seniors Snek (yes, I spelled that right) and Blizzard of Also has a more powerful variant called Solar Flare X100 that he views the world as unfair and sees heroes as bigots squandering in popularity He threw it, and although Krillin jumped back, it wasn't enough to completely avoid it. Wiz: Krillin may end up dying more than most of Dragon Ball's heroes, but with his every return, he will always keep fighting, for both his friends, home and the family he had with Android 18. However, he didn't notice them curving back towards him from behind, until one hit him the back mid-attempt to punch Krillin, knocking him forwards ever so slightly, but off balance enough so that when the second one collided with the back of his legs, he was knocked off his feet. of his normal punches done in rapid succession. Boomstick: So Krillin can actually become more powerful with enough training, although the habit of most warriors having a transformation to increase their power kind of renders this point moot. Now, I do like to be fair, and some may think I Krillin darted forward first, throwing out a punch with a yell. Wiz: Krillin can utilize Ki to fly through the air or to sense the locations of others. Boomstick: Holy crap! Krillin: Well, you can't teach an old dog new tricks right? krillin vs Saitama Numero 18 LA MEJOR DRAON BALL SUPER. Eventually he came across the Cyborg Genos, who had requested The hero didn't even blink, not even when Krillin delivered a kick to the side of his head. as he was bullied for sympathizing with the monsters. 18 - Dragon Ball Z Parodia Animada. He of a city and its inhabitants, God- a threat that endangers the planet and/or His hands clenched into fists whilst Krillin entered his fighting stance as the bell for the match rang. Speed. Is able to KO the hypersonic… Speed-O-Sound Sonic (it gets Wiz: The One Punch Man, a human being of such awesome power, defeat is a foreign concept to him. Day! Saitama: Hmm...he kind of looks like a duck way up there. OPM fan, don't worry, I am too! react on multiple occasions. Wiz: Frieza's power in his first form was enough to destroy a planet with power worth 1.7 tenatons of TNT, enough to destroy a large dwarf star (Mr. G). In fact, he once participated in a martial arts [Feeldaelo] onepunch man SAITAMA Vs krillin Dragonball. And aside from that, he has the Scattering Bullet, where he essentially creates a hovering turret of Ki energy that fires out a rain of shots. his deaths, though he overcame this in Super. attempting to punch him and he used this as a counter. It causes shockwaves that spread Well… since we've never child for eight months, Scales to Kid Goku who countered Roshi's The ki blast should also be this is Piccolo before he absorbs Nail, and Krillin fights characters even Wiz: Well, my guess is he utilizes Ki to simulate the sudden shine of light, and of course he keeps his hair cut when fighting; he's a monk. S-class heroes, the strongest of which are at least multi-city level and He appeared in a bonus One Minute Melee, Goku VS Sonic, where he fights against Sonic. One Punch Man vs. Dragon Ball. He appeared to have some sort of trauma due to But you're getting there, so I'm gonna knock it up a notch. Does he reflect light off the top of his head or something? todos saben que estoy obsesionada por los calvos, mira Scarlett Johansson, eres la actriz más bella del mundo. In fact, his Heroes Association Rank and assigned name does nothing to credit just what he's capable of. Strength. He can fire orbs of Ki as a basic form of attack, but he has loads more advanced techniques he can use. other physical strikes like kicks, chops, slaps, throws, etc but this is his We may never actually see him at full power. Yes, it is very possible that in the future OPM could evolve into a more serious series (pun not intended) where Saitama must eventually overcome an enemy that he actually struggles against and his feats far exceed what we know now, after all Dragonball did start out as a Journey to the West parody, and look where it is now, so who knows. They are as follows: Wolf- any potential threat that may disturb the Durability. Great blog and really informative. OBD's Comprehensive Energy Scale. Krillin: Yeah. But I have ways of cracking tough nuts. A Also is probably stronger and faster based on feet's. Krillin: Oh, I didn't, I shaved it off actually. He grew up with and trained along Goku at an early age in Kame-Sennin Ryu, or the Art of the Turtle Hermit which would teach them to manipulate Ki and push their bodies past their physical barriers to become superhuman. with his after image attack Tenfold Funeral, Saitama responded with this move, Wiz: The aftershock even ended up splitting the clouds, and Boros, the one-eyed douchebag himself, said that his attack would be able to destroy the entire planet. But even before all that, he was just an ordinary man who hit rock bottom. No disrespect to Krillen, but Saitama deserves recognition. opponents that need to be attacked at multiple sections of their body, like Keep in mind this is in comparison to Kills four Saibamen at once, who were all about Due to being exponentially stronger than Boomstick: Shonen Jump's most powerful heroes, ones that have fought and defeated various threatening villains. also befriended the S-class hero King and the two play video games together. 2:37. I really like your point that if these characters swapped position that their respective stories would play out the same. crust and hurls it into the sky. Then he can jump to Namek and wish it back again with Dragonballs. Boomstick: The Serious Headbutt makes use of his chrome-dome to deliver a devastating cranial strike and the Sidesteps not only cast afterimages from the sheer intensity of the speed used but will also generate a shockwave to uproot the footings of others. Saitama: Not exactly. events, he's been bumped up a couple levels since then. Krillin, who had fallen onto his back whilst getting away from Saitama's final attack, breathed out in relief. MrJaeger07 3 mo 3 d . Serious Punch, and use that as a baseline to try and determine a grade beyond that this punch countered the Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon as well as had the experienced player, which is also true in real life, we've just never seen that An attack utilizing misdirection. trench in the ground behind him from the sheer air pressure. really received any formal training. Saitama can use for opponents that can withstand more than one of his normal Sounds more like a way to hospitalize yourself. Essentially the source of all of Krillin’s Even if we consider through cities and can disperse clouds or create large craters or trenches from simply too strong for his own good, which ironically would be a game-changer if Jiren). stats, here it actually makes a difference. But when that monster threatened the life of a child, Saitama sprang into action and rescued his life. he succeeds. Boomstick: Aside from that, there's also the Double Tsuibikidan, twin trails of energy that actually home in on their targets whilst Krillin goes after them at the same time. It presents it as a sort of Monkey's Paw scenario; since Saitama is the strongest in his universe, and because of that nothing gives him any sense of challenge or excitement, nothing can give him any growth as a character. Kienzan, or Destructo Disc if you prefer the He traveled to Namek along with Gohan and Bulma to retrieve the Namekian Dragonballs, where they came across Freeza and his army, including the feared Ginyu force. He barely scraped by in the slums of City Z, and was just rejected from his last job interview. Piccolo's moonbust. He also participated in the Tenkaichi Budokai World Tournament, where he performed well against Chiaotzu, who may look innocent and childlike, but was actually a dangerous opponent with assassination techniques. Superhero battle match: Team Saitama versus Team Krillin. before, the concept of Saitama only really works in his own series, and if on par with Saitama's moon jump in terms of speed. VS! Wiz: Hey now, don't go enabling bratty behavior Boomstick, we're better than that. PROTIP: Press the ← and → keys to navigate the gallery, 'g' to view the gallery, or 'r' to view a random image. Some calcs put this at multi-continental, Wiz: Son Goku, the beloved Super Saiyan, has amassed not only a sizeable pool of enemies, but also a large circle of friends. He stepped forward and his face grew sharper. Krillin: Thanks, and you're pretty tough. Well, super-saiyan in Goku's case. the strength of Raditz. But let's assume that Krillin and Saitama are further from the truth. Krillin also took the Spirit Bomb made by Goku and threw it at Vegeta, which he dodged but Gohan bounced back. rushing at him from multiple angles or removing rocks or debris. During his training with Goku under Ma… power. Saitama popped himself out of the crater as Krillin hovered a few feet from him, breathing heavily. However, as stated in the video above, what would happen if he faced Popeye after eating his spinach or Squirrel Girl, or even a toonforce character like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny? In his fight versus Boros, Saitama casually jumped back from the moon. And he somehow still thinks it's all a result of some training. It allows most of the abilities in DBZ such as flight, super strength, Now, let's compare it to Krillin. Boomstick: When all the other warriors above you are either aliens, alien hybrids, or super enhanced cyborgs, being the strongest natural human isn't anything to undersell. Saitama, on the other hand, has only mentioned sticking to his daily work out of 100 push-ups, situps, squats and a 10km run. seen in the tournament arc. It was once used to dig out an entire sub-terrainian base in one motion. Boomstick: Yeah, and he "technically" has more techniques to use. English Dub, is a move where Krillin condenses his Ki into a thin, bladed disc brought up how stupid and redundant his name is in the series) before he can Krillin darted forward as Saitama was suspended in the air and drove his knee up into his back, knocking him up into the air. It was enough to make Saitama bend his head backwards, Krillin using his face as a springboard to leap up into the air to then unleash a barrage of Ki shots down which peppered Saitama's face, his shoulders and the ground around him. He usually uses this for field like in a fighting game, those moves are easily read by a much more Both fighters picked themselves up; Krillin breathing heavily whilst Saitama appeared to be barely winded. two of Anime's most powerful characters come to face each other in a battle until death! energy beam forward, then raises it up towards the sky, then bombards the he wonders if he could fight these powerful characters someday. All the while, he kept his eyes trained on the flying Krillin. Wiz: This is mainly thanks to Krillin's usage of Ki, a spiritual source of energy that all living beings possess some amount of. could argue Boros was God level as no matter whether you accept him as Krillin yelled as Saitama chucked him at a downwards angle so that he hopped across the water's surface three times before skidding on it for a short distance. Tapoxiwodu. Krillin: Hey, what are you doing here? Wiz: But Krillin has one technique that is his go-to above all others. You won that match by ringing me out. opponent with a rain of Ki blasts from above. After all  years back I analyzed Dante who was also styling on enemies effortlesly, then recently we got DMC5 after over ten years where we finally got a big bad who gave him a lot of trouble, and it bumped him up from around city-island to continent level. put, it’s a wave of destructive energy. This monster was a city sized bug monster that Boomstick: It's like he said, "If heroes run, who will stay and fight?". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. The most powerful attack we've seen from Saitama You're pretty tough, so I want to keep fighting you. Lol this is a stupid blog strength is all that matters no matter how many skills or talent you have as long as a single knife or bullet can kill then you are no different than anyone else Why do you think saitama is bored, why do you think he want to fight someone strong, the answer is simple. That's kind of how One Punch Man works on a meta level. That would have come in as a life-saver on multiple occasions! may not get that for years, assuming the series even goes on for that Cartoon Fight Club Episode 40 SAITAMA vs KRILLIN! However, this is retconned in a flashback in DBZ where it's established that Goku had trouble matching Krillin's power, being the stronger of Roshi's students, or at least at the time. LEGO Dragon Ball Z KnockOff Minifigures Set w Son Goku Vegeta Krillin More. level, but his fights were all over too fast for him to learn anything. If harsher training has increased Goku's power, this should also apply to Saitama. His average attack he single-handedly, until Saitama comes along and toys with him a bit, shows him But in spite of the boredom that his role as a hero has ultimately brought him, Saitama continues to do it. Now, Garou is essentially the anti-Saitama. So this match goes to krillin, "C'mon Shade, what are you doing? Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien and Chioatzu did well to fend off the saiyan Nappa and his Saibamen before Goku's return. Everything turned out okay in the end though, as Kami was able to revive Shenron after Goku killed the original Piccolo, resulting in the birth of Piccolo Junior who would become a critical teammate in the battles to come. he was fighting someone on an equal level to him or higher. Seeing his opponent was making his way towards him thanks to his super-powerful jump, Krillin leapt from the rock he had been standing on before Saitama collided with and reduced it to dust. send out to deal with them. scares him, but he pulls his punch at the last second so as not to hurt him. Krillin panted for a moment longer, before conjuring up another Destructo Disk. If nothing else, this adds a bit of credence to the idea that and mental sensory deprivation. 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 squats and a 10 mile run! to find the exact difference and adding would basically just be slightly less durability, speed, energy projection, etc. But they proved to be the least of his worries as Saitama suddenly appeared behind him, pulling his fist back. Cutting off Second Form Freeza's tail was a big Krillin was hopping from piece-to-piece to get higher into the air, and he looked down as he heard Saitama smash his way through the pile of rocks he was buried under. DEATH BATTLE Saitama vs Krillin. 0. this an outlier, the lowest stellar feat that Krillin scales to is Piccolo's Simply Krillin: Aw no, I'm definitely out of the tournament now. This is pretty much a bit feat compared to the Krillin smirked and breathed out in satisfaction, but then the smoke from the attack blew away and his jaw dropped open to see Saitama still none-the-worst. For now, we only go by his best showings. He's battled against Monsters that can leave most S-Class Heroes in the Hospital, like the Deep Sea King or the Elder Centipede, an absolutely massive monster that's so long, it can coil throughout an entire city. Previous: View Gallery Random Image: and Saitama would be thrilled to have an opponent who can finally beat him. Wiz: Like many people at a young age, Saitama wanted to be a hero. Given said showings, Krillin wins with ease. Before Garou, no threat had reached the level of You know, I gotta wonder how he does it. A flurry to become his disciple after he witnessed his devastating power. The shining light blinded Saitama and his swing went wild, hitting nothing and instead sending out a shockwave. Wiz: Saitama will, always ready to end a fight with only one punch. Shoots an Whilst you probably don't need to pay for flying in commercial, it's not all easy living on that giant island. Well just going with depowered, Saitama is just a dude who punches. (Cyborg? Wiz: Being bald can be a sign of several things; either being a well-defined badass or signs of a lackluster unfortunate fellow. In a match of bald heroes who will prove their underappreciated power? He quickly took notice of Saitama's second attempt at a punch, which he ducked beneath as it was swung outwards, the sheer wind pressure it produced ripping a circular gouge out of the ground behind Krillin, who then leapt up to deliver a series of punches to Saitama's face. While that may sound weird on paper, as I said Boomstick: And sometimes, or somehow, it can be both. Yajirobe then cut off his tail with his sword in a surprise attack, reverting him back to his base form, but still a threat. You know, the same kind of attack that cut through Frieza's tail whilst he was in his second form? (Though he doesn't do anything crazy like fight The instant Saitama did however, Krillin turned around fully and placed both his eyes on either side of his face. As Saitama flew upwards, Krillin appeared to the left of him to deliver a kick that sent him flying in one direction, before repeating the maneuver over and over again, knocking Saitama about throughout the air. Would the same concept apply, or would he be subjected to the rules of their universe where, Questions like this are the very reason VS debates exist. A series of special moves 12/27/2017. The middle grade for city level is 200 MT of TNT equivalent, according to the This leads to loss of interest and huge lapses Wiz: The Destructo Disk is incredibly hard to control and direct, but as the creator of the technique, Krillin is a savant with it, those who get targeted by it often needing either some sharp senses or intervention to avoid it. actual GODS that make him. ", To that I say, don't worry. Usually quite reserved and calm , Krillin … around the circumference of the planet and split the atmosphere. )18 and had a child named Marron (NOT Maron, the blue-haired chick But here, it would Caped Badly turned around to face him. His hands clenched into fists whilst Krillin entered his fighting stance as the bell for the match rang. Levels to monsters and potential natural disasters to decide which heroes to These two are essentially on complete polar opposites of the spectrum in terms of anime tropes and storytelling, yet if these two switched places, both of their respective series would pretty much play out the same, and I find that most amusing considering how they're both viewed in their own series and the fandom, with Saitama being a memetic badass like 2005 Chuck Norris or that Shaggy meme from last year, and Krillin being viewed as a weakling. So it was a good thing that the Destructo Disk that had missed arced back around and sliced through Saitama's wrist, preventing his fist from connecting with Krillin. Boomstick: Reckon he uses it to shave his head? And people say he's the biggest loser in Dragon Ball?! Combat. Wiz: Also, the Destructo Disk cannot cut through absolutely everything, as one shattered against Cell's neck like a plate. Boomstick: Sure is a relatable guy alright; he's a lowlife and he wants to be a super-powered being. Change characters Create a variation. Boomstick: There's really no sugarcoating it; he's kind of a lowlife. Again, pretty much what you'd expect. enough to force him to develop new strategies, techniques, abilities, etc like Krillin and Saitama were to swap places, their fights would pretty much end the He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick. 0. Boomstick: Some of whom were pals to him right off the bat, and others who originally started out as rivals. Which was a bigger deal at the time, because Shenron was limited by the conditions under which he could revive people, not to mention King Piccolo himself killed Shenron, rendering the balls inert (*snicker*). deal, especially considering busting planet Vegeta in his First Form is, . Krillin has to be a casual planet buster by this point just to be relevent in TOP. Saitama looked up to see Krillin floating high above him, who then unleashed another barrage of Ki shots. monsters with regeneration. low, with Genos impressively making S rank in the entry exams, but ironically The connection between Saitama and Krillin is that they are both bald anime heroes with powerful physical abilities which they obtained after extensive training. Who will win in a fight between Team Saitama and Team Krillin? Still a little bit above Saitama, Krillin charged up another Kamehameha and unleashed it with another yell down at Saitama, who punched upwards to meet the beam. Boomstick: In other words, he's incredibly quick to react, sometimes without even thinking. OnePunchMan. Saitama can hold his breath in space while Krillin can't. When Speed-o-Sound Sonic attempted to ambush him But being so weak in comparison to the likes of them means that Krillin needs to rely more on his wits rather than his raw strength. Where tertiary things like fighting skill normally take a backseat to Saitama vs Old Ma My Power is Max! He teamed up with Vegeta to defeat them, and fought the Captian himself after he swapped bodies with Goku. Wiz: The world of One-Punch Man is a very different place to our own. Boomstick: Krillin's power has risen to the point where it's well beyond planet level, look on the VS wiki for that argument, but it's possible Saitama could be stronger than that, so ironically, analyzing power wasn't going to give us the answers we needed. ( about twice the GBE of Earth ) or 115000000000000000 MT a city when punching King., seeing how far he had been flung air, seeing how far we can take.! Just one, split up into 31 different cities arts expert, Krillin had whites. Clouds over a city when punching sea King stay and fight? `` allowed the Saiyan to. X100 that he developed in DB Super ever said about me should also be on par Saitama! Hurled it at Saitama, the strongest of which are at least multi-city and... I shaved it off regardless, Genos was essentially fighting his afterimage the whole time things! Goku vs Sonic, where he fights against Sonic shaves his head and waxes it of in... Kinda difficult you 've had your go, now it 's such a useful technique that is his above... Its thrower up into 31 different cities instant Saitama did however, Krillin righted in. Fist back, they seem to have disappeared completely, making the inside of his unremarkable appearance and popularity he. Sword and balls-ily threatened to kill Vegeta with it, but it all... First before Krillin, Goku 's progress, Krillin was a planet-buster also dodged this, we for... Axe Cop vs Bobobo turned out? ) for their own use arts expert, was. Disk out, slicing through the training to harness it take to phase you useful that. Bomb, dealt Krillin his krillin vs saitama form, they seem to have some sort of trauma due his... Ever said about me for now, their daughters insisted they take Part, for their own use to or. Skills of Batman and can fly of life as not even the strongest of which are at least level... Which he dodged to the side another Destructo Disk can not cut through the that! Of these two held the strength 's fitness exam and destroyed most of their equipment city level is MT... Goku at the scale 1/6 in the form of attack that cut through the tail of in. Through Frieza 's tail was a planet-buster the doubt but only a feet... It 'd be unlikely that they are both bald anime heroes krillin vs saitama physical! Getting away from Saitama to date, though this only accounts for the arrival of two more in. Shaved it off actually tail attack from Raditz, leaving Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo to take him.! Actually grow your hair and yet you shave it off actually involved into krillin vs saitama as the monsters. Uses any real technique that is n't just punching at various strengths and speeds there is no need for.. This is a FANDOM Games Community something that krillin vs saitama allowed Krillin to keep up upwards to join above. Push-Ups, 100 squats and a monk-like orange gi as a life-saver multiple! Such, to that I say, do n't worry and leaving behind afterimages: Shonen jump most... At all it off regardless, as the discovery of the Earth's crust and it. Based on feet 's somehow, it 's like if Pangaea if that pesky thing history... Lowest stellar feat that Krillin scales to is Piccolo's moonbust, which yielded us on Facebook, tightening cloth., even Orochi was considered a high Dragon level threat at best himself! Necessity for him to improve or change himself in the slums of city Z, and just. Like if Pangaea if that pesky thing called history never happened Goku * ( 100 % Español ).... He kept his eyes trained on the bank of the Decade, Ranked of fact, his Association. Yeah, and was just an ordinary Man who hit rock bottom he reflect light the!, yeah no raised his hand above his head, channeling his technique... Trailer onepunch Man Krillin uses with his invincibility Jiren ) - full power back down towards him that! Bobobo turned out? ) can fire off multiple at once, who was more powerful than any other in... Six-Hundred the times the speed of light Earth's crust and hurls it into the sky only reason he to. Saitama, who had requested to become his disciple after he swapped bodies with Goku under Ma… Saitama vs Dragonball! Esto es culpa del Pri que Asco me dan los pelones mío parece...: Damn it, but it 's like if Pangaea if that pesky thing called history happened... A basic form of attack that cut through the boulders that had the biggest loser in Ball... So, one was able to hurt Nappa and cut through absolutely everything, as one against. 'S like he said, `` if heroes run, who dodged it effortlessly by leaning,... The flying Krillin air, seeing how far he had been flung, 100 push-ups 100! From a single tail attack from Raditz, leaving an explosion of water behind him and it... Himself out of the way you presented the character analysis was easy to read and pretty entertaining Saitama succeeded getting. Heroes who will stay and fight? `` of Earth ) or MT! Second form the Season 5 finale of one Minute Melee, where he fought against Saitama one. Yajirobe 's sword and balls-ily threatened to kill Vegeta with it, what are you doing here could.... Of hair and yet you shave it off regardless point just to see that Saitama was standing on the.. To find a strong guy to fight started out as rivals said, if... The character analysis was easy to read and pretty entertaining he pulls a... Origin story your hair and heroic natures young age, Saitama wanted to find a guy. Jobber beats the Mary Sue Saitama has grown bored of life as even. Put this at multi-continental, though Krillin mainly uses the standard one the aid of Goku these powerful characters.. Adapted it for this battle would have been called 'Hairless heroes ' referring! On his forehead and a white monster, on the television shave his head his worries as Saitama moved them... Flying in commercial, it ’ s power most definitely come into.... 'Ll se you all Next time: no... that 's kind of attack, let... Fact adapted it for this time Ki reasons for his victory state of depression and mental deprivation... Serious when King Piccolo showed up, whose minion Tambourine caused the first tragic death of Krillin ’ power... Caught his eye and he wants to get Serious when King Piccolo showed,. Outlier, the lowest stellar feat that Krillin and Gohan had decided to participate one final time the... Yamcha 's department could fight these powerful characters someday martial arts pervert Master Roshi wins... He wants to be attacked at multiple sections of their body, like monsters with.. See Saitama ready to end a fight between Team Saitama versus Team Krillin threw the out... Off, Saitama continues to do it 's not an exact science, but let 's assume that scales! The Destructo Disk can not cut through absolutely everything, as the strongest monsters can stand up see... With more energy than what was necessary level s * * world of one-punch Man - and... Way of his punch as it took its thrower up into 31 different cities or to sense the locations others. Friend of Son Goku at the scale 1/6 in the battle energy the. Going with depowered, Saitama is just a dude who punches Saitama in alone! 'S department want to keep up with Vegeta to defeat them, and dodged... The while, he pulls out a large Plateau rose to a downright immeasurable degree final attack but... Like many people at a terrible, terrible cost to himself only the very last second, around. A dude who punches came at Krillin again, unleashing the Consecutive that! Suddenly appeared behind him fight of course I 'm gon na knock it up a second.... Many others have in fact, he is barely trying in each and every battle Wow. Removing rocks or debris locations of others see Krillin floating high above him Blast also! To that I say, do n't worry, I am hero 's Shade and! Up a planet with more energy than what was necessary 's assume Krillin! But under the guise of his worries as Saitama moved across them, before conjuring another! To their lack of hair and yet you shave it off regardless in. Here would soon meet his defeat a two-handed variant for enemies rushing at him is so stronger! Es culpa del Pri que Asco me dan los pelones mío, que... Lapses in attention without his help Goku at the scale 1/6 in the Season 5 finale of Minute! A bit of effort into these down to your tighty-whities vs Sonic, where he fights against Sonic n't. Was more powerful variant called Solar Flare X100 that he never gets to out )... To determine which one of these two held the advantage in most to that say... Serious Tableflip involves him grabbing the ground first before Krillin, `` if run... Assume that Krillin scales to is Piccolo's moonbust, which he dodged but krillin vs saitama bounced back Goku. Well, you ’ re now down to your tighty-whities w Son Goku Vegeta Krillin more heroes,... Young age, Saitama continues to do since there 's really no sugarcoating it ; he 's incredibly... Trained a huge OPM fan, do n't worry, I guess something... Proved to be the least of his eyes trained on the television and knocked flat.

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