school 2017 taewoon real name

jenny Aug 08 2017 9:21 am I love this drama. Taewoong: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more. Kim Se Jeong X Kim Jung Hyun ? Fighting all cast and staff of school 2017. love eun-woon couple, absolutely cant even hide my smile !!! Such an amazing chemistry, interesting plot,simply two thumbs up???? mamiooo Apr 25 2017 8:35 am But this is the first time I have some major problems in enjoying it. Ms. K Apr 07 2017 11:34 pm The male and female lead is idol. Lee Hong bin, Scully May 20 2017 1:16 am In love with sejeong in this drama! bxrnxngj Jun 11 2017 9:28 pm Can wait for more! I really hope jisoo will be joined in as a main lead... Lolly May 27 2017 4:02 am Like the one that Sarang stated, dreaming is too fancy for her. School 2017 fighting!! Moonkong27 Jul 30 2017 4:56 am All the actors in the drama is looking damn good old ones and young ones jung hyun?? The best school series of all time! Hope this drama can be success like the previous drama. Okay, I think I've never left a comment on other drama before but this honestly deserves much more. I will watched it no matter what, because what I love is the series, and school series never cast the 'wrong' actors/actresses IMO. Fun Facts about the name Taewoon. fighting!!! and, who will be the next Female lead??? Lover May 19 2017 6:42 am Btw I'm not surprised to know that this drama had low ratings. ciciby_kr May 18 2017 9:34 pm Staff of "School 2017" said that this season will reflect students' honest and diverse feelings. i like the fact that the story has no second lead syndrome and now love traingel, light on the heart. i like X! Omo... omo... Really like Jung Hyun in Jealousy Incarnate, now he act in school 2017. Or jisoo and kim yoo jung. Who would not love hyun tae woon?? I guess all the hate about Sejeong staring in this drama are because they don't even watch an episode of any show she was in. how can a student and teacher at same age? Rin Jun 08 2017 5:38 am kdl_123 Sep 10 2017 9:27 am Still respect Kim Yoo Jung but I'm glad that she rejected the role. it's not stiff and does not look like she's new to acting. noi unni Aug 10 2017 2:25 am Tall, dark-haired, beautifully-shaped Reagan Foxx was born in Arizona, USA. I like Kim yoo Jung all the best to yoojungnie can't wait to see her❤️. but who cares about the rating anyway lol. That had more chemistry btw the leads. Omg. The story was amazing. School 2017: Episode 8 by chocolatte. I hope they’d win the “best couple” award for the ‘2017 KBS Drama Awards’, may Dec 28 2017 4:31 am I mean, I prefer watching a romantic comedy! He is Woo Ji-seok, or known better as Taewoon, who was born two years earlier on May 11th, 1990. jema neutron Sep 06 2017 8:55 am Nana Apr 23 2017 3:37 am It also had similarities with Cheer Up/Sassy Go Go. Rowoon and Sejeong, I'm watching this for you two. I really love hyun tae woon. I hope her acting skills are amazing. But somehow I managed to watch till episode 10 in just a day and a half. The story feels so real for me, good job writer-nim. //
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